∼ Kleine Inspiration für Ihre Entdeckungsfreude ∼


~ Kaffeekarte ~

*We Only Accept Orders Directly Off Our Menu,  Exactly as Written!  No Exceptions!*

Wiener Mélange ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka & frothed milk/crème with foam

Wiener Schokolade ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, Dark Chocolate & frothed milk/crème with foam

Verlängerter ~Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka extended with steamed water (Schwarzer or Brauner)

Milchkaffee ~ Julius Meinl Kolschitzky Light Roast Kaffee and frothed milk/crème with foam

Brewed Kaffee ~ Julius Meinl jolly brewed Viennese Light Roast Kaffee (Schwarzer or Brauner)

Großer Schwarzer Mokka ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, served only as proper 2.5oz

Kleiner Schwarzer Mokka ~ Julius Meinl Kleiner Mokka served only as proper 1.5oz

Châtillon Chai ~ Our own exquisite Chai blend with milk/crème & fresh ground Nutmeg

Heisse Schokolade ~ heavy dark chocolate frothed crème/milk, Mit Schlag

French Soda ~ French Flavour Sirop and sparkling water

Speciality Tee ~ over 30 jolly fancy flavours & blends to choose from

~ Kaffeespezialitäten ~

Salon Einspänner ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, Kolschitzky Kaffee, Dark Chocolate, frothed Crème, topped with Whipped Crème

Einspänner ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, Kolschitzky Black Kaffee, Vanilla, frothed Crème, topped with Whipped Crème

Kaiser Mélange ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, Brewed Kaffee,  Madeline et Miel, Heavy Crème with Whipped Crème

Mozart Kaffee ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, Chocolate, Crème,  Whipped Crème and Kaffee Liqueur (contains alcohol, dine in only)

Fiaker Kaffee ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, Vanilla, Crème,  Whipped Crème and Kaffee Liqueur (contains alcohol, dine in only)

Überstürtzer Neumann ~ Julius Meinl Kolschitzky Black Kaffee with light, Vanilla hints, infused in Whipped Crème

Kapuziner ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, with properly portioned microfoamed Crème

Großer Brauner/Kleiner Brauner ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka, foamed crème dollop, served only as proper 3.5oz

Franziskaner ~ Julius Meinl Grosser Mokka and dash of Crème and Whipped Crème

Portion Kaffee ~ Julius Meinl Kolschitzky,  Strong & Potent Light Roast Black Kaffee, side of steamed Crème, serves up to 4

∼ No Deviant Perversions, Substitutions, Alterations or Fatuous Variations on Kaffeespezialitäten! ∼

  • Großer (Grosser) & Kleiner refer to Volume
  • Schwarzer refers to Black Colour
  • Brauner refers to Crème or Milk
  • Mit Schlag refers to Whipped Crème
  • Mokka is the Proper Term for Espresso, Mokka does NOT mean Chocolate
  • *We Only Accept Orders Directly Off Our Menu Exactly as Written!  No Exceptions!*

~ Note:  Kaffee Menu Descriptions   DO   NOT   TRANSLATE   to  “Americana Coffeeshop”  styled drinks,  nor are they équivalent to in any respect!   Traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus offerings are entirely   DIFFERENT   drinks derived from Centuries-Old Viennese recipes that   DO  NOT   lend themselves to such Translations!


~ There’s a good chap & chapette!